Ricardo in Mauritania

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Rapid Share

i found this thing
Rapid Share

its a website where you can upload files of up to 30mb !! for free...no sign up (but it opens little shitty popups with ads, not too many, and not porn)

so with this thing i'll be able to upload my pics in zip files (i'll try to keep em under 5-6mb per file). i'll still post pictures with thumbnails, but a lot less
that way:
-a lot less work for me (i had to upload pictures one by one...!!!)
-page will load much faster in your browser as there will be less thumbnails ;)

bye bye

(pS, with this thing i should be able to upload everything tomorrow!)


just to say something

pictures have been prepared and selected. there are about 200..so its going to take a "liddle" while...sorry bout dat

anyway, i still can't get used to the concept of working on sundays. even harder is the fact that everything is closed on the first day of the weekend and not on the second...


Wednesday, January 26, 2005


as you acn see i've made some minor changes in the website layout

now you can officaially express your anger towards the website and me by voting how much you hate it.
you may also say you worship it like i know you actually do (i know you all have pictures of me on your walls)

also added a links section the contents of wich i still have to go through in a more thorough manner.

and i've changed some titles etc etc


cool posh surfer dude

wooohohow dUude. it's fucking awesome dude!
goy my new boardshorts bro !! it so dam sick dog !

anyway, in plain old english, i got my new swimming suit,..and i'm happy.
let me explain the source of my happyness.
have you ever seen a tall guy with small shirts?
have you ever seen a skinny guy with eversized shorts?
now imagine a tall guy, with ridiculously small and large shorts.....that's me

indeed, i lost my swimming suit in december, and my cousin lend me an old suit of his...but it doesn't fit me like it does him. hahaha

so, i went to http://beckersurf.com (i found it after doing some google search) and bought these shorts over the internet. its funny, i had to go to mauritania to finally start doing some intense internet shopping. desperate situations call for desperate measures...i guess.

anyhow, the thing is, internet shopping, to me, is like a box of chocolates...you never what you gonna get (dam i'm so happy to ind situations where i can use this quote, its just still funny hehehe). so as soon as i got it i tried it and....it fits perfect...too perfect maybe, i better not get any fatter (won't happen so no probs).

so they are whit an black and they are Billabong. i'm a posh surfer dude bro!
i don't care, i'm lost in the desert and i'm making too much money, so i better find ways to spend it :p
oh, and also, it came with like, you know, uuuuh, a thousand stickers. and since i am sticker obsessed, i just couldn't be happier.

oh, and they delivered it very fast, by ups,...so ig you need a swimming suit, not that i'm doing advertisement or anything, but these guys seem to be pretty fast and reliable...so that's good

cheers bitches

i'll post pics of at the beach with the board shorts (they are actually called like that, i'm just saying, to educate non-surfers), things are looking UP !


Monday, January 24, 2005


wohei, just back from St Louis (Senegal). a touristy place near the border with mauritania (shortly after crossing the senegal river).
it was very very interesting. an ancient colonial town. you could see how rich it used to be. and i have to emphasize the "used to be" because Nouakchott seems a great placed compared to it

i took around 800 pictures. i'm gonna make you guys a nice selection and i'll post them. so many things to be seen in 3 days. a bit overwhelming, but nontheless awesome.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Happy B-Day SIS!


HAVE LOTS OF FUN (...studying hehehe)

i'm so impressed to have a sister in Harvard....!!! yo go girl !!! uh-hu! (said with super pimpin' ghetto accent)

no, seriously, enjoy, have fun with your family and with Eifion.

btw, its also the birthday of a friend of mine over here, Jean Baptiste, who is turning 30......30 sucks ass if you still feel like a little child inside. and everyone who knows me knows why i'm saying this. most children are more evolved than i'll ever be hahaha. wohoooo, wizzzzz
gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you ONE OF US !!

just felt a little Ramones moment sorry..

...i'm a very focused child as you can see

wohoo, i should go back to work, but i'm waiting for colleague to get off the dam phone.



hey hey hey !! (asi write this i suddenly realize i'm really the "krusty the clown" (from the simpsons to inform the ignorants) of the delegation.


i finally got to change the position of my desk. everything feels so much in its place now. you have to understand, i was not facing my door....well, technically i was, i mean, my back was. so, everytime someone knocked on my door i was surprised (by surprised i mean scared).

now, not only i'm facing the door, i'm facing the secretary on the other side of the corridor;...so communication with her suddenly becomes extra easy

oh, and my computer screen is no longer facing the door, so i don't have to be as careful when not working and watching pornography, reading the sport newspapers, or playing games !!!(you know i'm kidding....right?....RIGHT ???)


all i have to say for today i'm afraid. i'll try to post more pictures next week,



Tuesday, January 18, 2005

the super second half


here's the rest of the pictures i was supposed to upload yesterday ;)

Monday, January 17, 2005

the super beach update

ok, after i'm done with these i'll be done with the pics from before the christmas holydays...about time !!!
then i'll post the most recent ones...hopefully faster than these.

i'm gonna select more carefully i think

anyway, here are 2 trips i did to the beach. open water.
...have you seen the movie btw? pretty scary stuff


ok, i got tired and only upped half of the pictures, you'll get the rest tomorrow or whatever ;). me wanna go home !!