Ricardo in Mauritania

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Camel meat

Camel steak

yes, its what i had for lunch. indeed, right now i'm staying at the "Hotel mercure", where they are holding a Camel Week.....so that everyone can enjoy the finer traits of Camel Cuisine.

The meat is quite savoury although the texture is not the best. you can see that they are cutting the steaks not from a lazy camel that has never walked in his life but that they cut it out from a quite muscular camel.

I think tomorrow i'll give the camel burger a chance. and if like it i'll keep the recipe and use it as an idea for my Mc Dirham project

Sunday, December 05, 2004

The Arrival

well, there it is,

i'm in Nouakchott.

sand, my friend for the next 2 years

and airco (not aidco) my BEST friend for the next 2 years

i'll take some pics of the office and post em soon